QNB bebasata signs strategic partnership with Visa

Posted on : Thu, 12 Oct 2023

QNB bebasata signs strategic partnership with Visa to enhance electronic payments and issuance of special cards to customers.


As a leader in providing innovative banking services in the Egyptian market, QNB ALAHLI's digital platform bebasata has signed a cooperation agreement with Visa, The global pioneer company in payments technology. With the aim of promoting digital payments and issuing bank cards to customers of the digital platform, the platform aims to achieve the greatest expansion in the Egyptian market and provide all banking programs and services to all customers of different segments, with a focus on youth and women to support economic and social empowerment in accordance with the directions and objectives of the Central Bank of Egypt.

 The agreement was signed by Mohamed Bedeir, CEO of 
QNB ALAHLI, and Malak El Baba, General Manager of Visa in Egypt, in the presence of Tarek Fayed, Assistant CEO and Chief Executive Officer of QNB ALAHLI, Dalia Swellem, QNB Bebasata Director and several senior officials from both sides.

In this regard, Mohammed Bedeir, CEO of QNB ALAHLI said, "The signing of the agreement with Visa aims to enhance electronic payments and provide a package of innovative banking products to achieve the Central Bank of Egypt's strategy in the portfolio of financial inclusion and digital transformation.

As well as issuing various cards to QNB bebasata digital platform customers, which is the first and leading platform in providing integrated banking services through the electronic application easily without the need of human interaction with employees. He explained that the digital platform has succeeded in perfect timing since the launch last March in attracting many customers and providing a range of banking products (loans, certificates, accounts and cards) electronically.

Malak El Baba, General Manager of Visa in Egypt, added, "This agreement is an extension of a fruitful 15-year partnership between Visa and QNB, which includes number of innovative products were introduced to the Egyptian market, and that the collaboration with Bebasata is in line with Visa's objectives to enhance access to financial services through innovation to create digital products that improve the customer experience."

Dalia Swellem, QNB Bebasata Director, said: "QNB bebasata digital platform is the first application in the market that enables customers to meet all their banking needs through effective and successful partnerships with leading institutions in the fields of electronic payment. The platform is based on a strong technological infrastructure that qualifies it to launch many innovative services and products, which comes to consolidate the role played by the bank in the Egyptian market, pointing out that the bank plays a leading role and takes unprecedented steps in enhancing financial inclusion and digital transformation efforts and providing all banking services to all customers according to the nature and quality of each customer."