QNB ALAHLI is the first bank in EGYPT to launch mVisa mobile application which allows you to shop in an easy, secure and convince way using your smart phone. No need to get your cash out to pay, just Scan the QR code displayed at the merchant with your mVisa application and payment will be done or issue a virtual one-time card and make your online purchase

For individuals:

Benefits and features:

  • Enjoy cashless payment to merchants that accept QR code payments and carry VISA logo
  • Transfer money to QNBALAHLI cards without any hassle
  • Flexible and secure way to pay over the internet by creating your virtual one-time card with 1 week validity
  • Track your card balance and mVisa transactions history
  • Link up to 3 cards (Debit – Credit – Prepaid) to your mVisa application
  • All payments are secured and authenticated with your 6 digits “mPIN” and allowed only from your authorized mobile


Using QNB ALAHLI MVisa is easy, all you need is:

  • fill-in application form at any of QNB ALAHLI branches
  • Download QNB ALAHLI mVisa app from App store or google play
  • Link your QNB ALAHLI Visa card by entering your data and activation code SMS will be sent to your mobile
  • Create your 6-digit passcode for QNB ALAHLI mVisa account “mPIN”

mVisa limts:

1-Person to Person transfer: Client can transfer to any QNBAA visa card up to EGP6,000 daily and EGP50,000 monthly

2-One-time card:

  • Virtual card validity is one month from creation date
  • Customer can create up to 5 cards in 30 days with a total loading balance not exceeding EGP36000 in 30 days
  • Each card is allowed to perform foreign currency transactions up to USD100 per card or equivalent with other foreign currency
  • Each virtual card is limited to perform 2 transactions within the card validity
  • Pay to Merchant limit (Purchase) depends on the linked Card limit on mVisa application

For Merchants:

Benefits and features:

  •  Convenient: your clients can pay using their mobile phones anytime anywhere
  •  Efficient: payments from your clients will be credited directly to your bank account
  •  Fast: you and your customers receive immediate notification upon payment
  •  Flexible: your acceptance QR code can be static with your unique merchant ID or dynamic with specific amount or additional references
  •  Widen your payment option to your clients by displaying the mVisa QR code over your counter, delivery runners, communication letters with your clients and flyers
  •  Accessibility: monitor your sales and transactions history through the application or over the internet
  •  Security: keep less cash in hand and worry less about theft


Terms and conditions apply

To apply, e-mail us on  and a bank representative will contact you shortly

For more information, please call 19700 or visit nearest branch

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