SME Banking

SME banking

Believing in the role of SMEs enterprises in the development of the national economy and in light of the bank’s strategy to participate efficiently and directly in the economic growth.

We are pleased to offer tailored services and financing programs dedicated to the SMEs enterprises to help them in developing and managing their business and finances efficiently.


CBE definition for SMEs

Enterprises & Companies
New (under establishment)
Sales turnover
Number of Employees
Paid up Capital
Number of employees
Less than EGP 1Mio
Less than 10 persons
Less than EGP50K 
Less than 10 persons
From  EGP1Mio and up to EGP50Mio
Less than 200 persons
From EGP50K and up to EGP5Mio for Industrial enterprises and Less than EGP3Mio for non-Industrial enterprises
Less than 200 persons
From EGP50Mio and up to EGP200Mio
From EGP5Mio and up to EGP15Mio for Industrial enterprises and from EGP3Mio and up to EGP5Mio for non-Industrial enterprises

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