Want to easily transfer money instantly on the go?

With MPay and through QNB Mobile Banking you can select a default account which will be linked to your mobile number, to transfer to any mobile number or alias. The beneficiary also needs to be registered for this service at QNB or any local Bank in Qatar. After a successful payment both the sender and receiver will get SMS notifications, and you can track the status of your payments under Transfers/Track Transfers/MPay menu. You may modify your default account, or change your alias name, or unregister for MPay at any time. This service is free of charge.

User Guide

How to Use:
Login to QNB Mobile Banking, select Transfers, click on MPay, choose your receiving account, choose your unique Alias Name (nickname) containing alphabets and numbers, read and accept the QNB Mobile Banking Terms and Conditions and complete the registration. Once you register you can instantly transfer through MPay under Transfers/MPay tab.

Transaction Limit

The transaction limit is 10,000 QAR and maximum 5 transactions per day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the MPay service?
Once you have registered for QNB Mobile Banking you can register for the MPay service under Transfers/MPay menu.

Do I need to be a QNB customer to use MPay service?
Yes, if you would like to transfer from your QNB account, however MPay is a local shared service between a network of local Qatari banks for instant transfers.

Do I need to use a Qatari mobile number?
Yes, you need to have a registered Qatari mobile number in order to use the MPay service.

Can I register the same mobile number with different Banks for MPay?
No, the same mobile number can only be registered with one Bank. If you would like to register with another bank, you either use a different mobile number, or un-register for the service with QNB.

Can I change my mobile number registered for MPay?
The mobile number you use for MPay is your registered mobile number with the bank, if you would like to change it you need to contact our Customer Call Center on +974 4440 7777, or visit the nearest branch.

Can I check the status of my MPay payments?
Yes, under Transfers/Track Transfers/MPay menu.

What is the daily transaction limit for MPay?
The transaction limit is 5 transactions and a maximum amount of 10,000 QAR.

Which characters must my Alias Name contain?
It should contain alphabets and numbers.

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