Affordable Housing Loan " Baitak Ma’ana " for Middle Income Clients

Baitak Ma’ana

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" Baitak Ma’ana " is a mortgage financing program that enables you to purchase a residential housing unit with a maximum value that could reach up to EGP 2.5 Million with a subsidized interest rate and no extra financing fees according to the CBE Mortgage Initiative for Middle Income Clients.


  • Subsidized decreasing interest rate of 8% fixed over the loan duration for middle income clients according to CBE Mortgage Financing Initiative
  • Freedom to choose the repayment duration that could reach up to 25 years, matching your financial capacity
  • Financing ratio that could reach up to 80% of the unit value
  • Freedom to choose the unit you desire in any governorate
  • Free life insurance benefits throughout the loan duration
  • Benefit from having your unit evaluated by registered appraisers for free
  • Possibility to combine spouse income to get a higher loan amount



  • Available for Egyptian only

  • Loan amount could reach up to EGP 2 Million

  • Available for employed and self-employed

Conditions of the financed unit:

  • Unit must be for permanent residency and not licensed for touristic residency
  • No Maximum for Unit Size. 
  • Maximum unit price is EGP 2.5 million
  • Unit must be fully finished and ready to move
  • Minimum down payment should be 20% of unit value

Maximum Monthly net income:

  • Single clients: up to EGP 40,000
  • Married clients: up to EGP 50,000
  • Minimum age is 21 years old and maximum age at loan maturity is 60 years old for employed and 65 years old for self-employed


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