SME Banking

As QNB is keen to offer its SMEs clients the best services, we have the honor to offer you our wide range of products and services, through our wide spread branches network all over Egypt. We are a pioneer bank in serving the SMEs sector, so we designed tailor made solutions to support your business and help it grow. 


SME Packages

Whatever your business size, QNB is pleased to offer a selection of SME packages that are carefully designed to satisfy the different business needs of small and medium sized enterprises. These packages include a wide range of banking products and services that help you manage your day to day business smoothly.


Banking services
Fully fledged banking services


  •     Wide range of Accounts, TDs, CDs and mutual funds
  •     Issuing certified cheques and bank drafts
  •     Conducting outgoing transfers
  •     Collection of cheques and bills 
  •    Payroll services
  •     POS terminals
  •    Corporate Internet banking 
  •    Automated Clearing House “ACH”
  •     TradeNet service to manage trade finance activities online


Finance & facilities


  •     Financing working Capital

Offering short term credit facilities including:

  •     Overdraft supported by commercial papers, assigned contracts, export documents or local purchasing orders as well as Point of sale (POS) proceeds
  •     L/Cs and L/Gs
  • Business Credit Cards


  •     Expansion and development of existing projects


Presenting the best medium and long term financing solutions with competitive prices to answer your different financing needs from funding production lines to buying machinery, equipment, transportation vehicles, administration offices, warehouse, .. etc.


  •     CBE initiative for Small and medium Enterprises


In accordance with the CBE initiative for Small and medium Enterprises you could get finance to help you build your company and expand your project with the lowest decreasing interest rates.

Required documents in-case of credit lending


  •     Recent commercial register (not later than 3 months)
  •     Copy of valid tax license
  •     Shareholders/partners personal IDs
  •     Certificate form the chartered accountant for taxes &insurance
  •     Last three years audited financials, accompanied by recent financial position
  •     Valid operating license
  •     Industrial register in-case of manufacturing entity

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  •     Financial advisory 


Offering financial advice and recommendations to support SMEs clients and help them in preparing requested studies for their project.


  •     Trade Finance advisory 

Offering information to exporters and importers about various external markets and in coordination with our correspondents around the world.


  •     Personal investment advisory


As businessmen lead very busy lives, we provide them with comprehensive financial advice that focuses on overall financial health and risk reduction, through recommendations for short and long-term investment to ensure portfolio diversification.

QNB Subsidiaries supporting SMEs


  •     QNB leasing (refer to the related link)

QNB leasing offers financial solutions that match your company cash flow through leasing, to buy the following: 
-    Vehicles of all kinds
-    Equipment, machines, and production lines
-    Medical equipment 
-    Administrative and commercial real estate 


  •    QNB Factoring (refer to the related link)

Avoid cash-flow squeezes and slow-paying customers with QNB factoring services, as you will enjoy the convenience of receiving your money quickly rather than waiting the usual 30 days or more for invoice payment. QNB factoring services are available both locally and internationally and offer a range of financing solutions that best suit your business needs


    QNB Life Insurance (refer to the related link)

  •     SMEs Life Insurance Program 

This Program is offered to staff of small and medium Enterprises, providing them with insurance coverage against death or disability. Your organization can subscribe to this product to answer the moral and obligation towards your staff and hence, their families.
This commitment is turned into a loyalty tool perceived by staff as a fringe benefit and a competitive edge for recruiting and maintaining the best candidates.



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