Corporate Deposit Card

QNB ALAHLI Corporate Deposit Card is offered to the companies to facilitate the service of cash deposits in the Egyptian pounds through QNB ALAHLI wide spread cash acceptances ATMs 24/7 including official hodidays and vacations.


  • Easy and quick cash deposit through QNB ALAHLI cash acceptances ATMs spread throughout the republic
  • The card sole functions is to deposit cash in the company current or checking account
  • Multiple of cards issuance flexibility for your designated employees with seperate reference number “last 4 digits of the card”
  • The cash deposit through the cash acceptances ATMs value date is 2 working days (same as normally appied over the counter)


  • Availability of QNB ALAHLI cash acceptances ATMs 24/7 icluding holidays and vacations
  • Save time and effort as no more queuing in the branch is needed to deposit cash
  • The card provides the highest-level of privacy as it does not allow the designated employees to:

             1- Withdraw cash, purchase and make internal or external transfers

             2- Access account balances and or related account data

  • SMS notification service after each cash depsoit transaction including the refrence number of the deposit card number

Terms and conditions apply

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