Mortgage Finance against Cash Collateral

Are you buying a new home?

Now you don’t have to liquidate your savings to buy a new home, your hard–earned savings can be a convenient and quick source of borrowed funds. With QNB secured mortgage finance you can use your existing savings as collateral and borrow against those cash collaterals. In addition to borrowing at an attractive rate, a Secured Loan allows you to continue to earn interest on your savings and buy your dream home.

Are you selling your home?

You need the cash instantly and at the same time your buyer doesn’t want to spend all his savings. Then refer him to QNB , where he can enjoy the easy and fast processing of receiving a loan without touching his savings through secured mortgage finance.


  •  Mortgage finance against Cash Collateral enables you to buy and own a new home whether it is an Apartment, Villa, or summer house against collateral deposits (Time Deposits (TDs) - Certificate of Deposit (CDs) -Themar (IC))
  •  Choose among different repayment durations reaching up to 20 years in which your collateral will be renewed throughout the loan period
  •  Loan amount up to EGP10,000,000
  •  Finance up to 90% of deposit amount with maximum 90% of the unit value

 Different repayment methods to match your financial capabilities: monthly, quarterly, or semiannual installments for loans against fixed CDs only :

- 90% for monthly installments

- 85% for quarterly installments

- 80% for semiannual installments

  •  Enjoy the interest on your savings, while having the ability to be granted a secured loan against it
  •  Easy and simple process
  •  Without pledging the unit
  •  Without appraisal fees

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