SMEs Packages

We are pleased to offer you a tailored business package to help you perform your day to day business easily that suits the SME enetrprises segments upon increasing the business volume with the bank

QNB provides you with the Business Package that is designed to meet your various business needs from the essential products and services to facilitate your banking experience. 


Current Account 


You can perform and follow up banking transactions easier


Visa Business Debit Card (Gold)


It is one of the most important means of payment, cash withdrawal and purchases around the world 24/7


Corporate Internet Banking Service 


Allow you to manage your company bank accounts, transfers and transactions in the real-time, anytime, anywhere 


CPS service 

To settle your company’s governmental dues such as taxes, customs, social insurance and one window electronically from anywhere 24/7


ACH corpay


An automatic tool to manage your company’s bulk transactions flow in EGP currency either within QNB or to other local banks through a secured and efficient network 


E-mail notification service 


Receive an instant e-mail notification once your transactions of Outgoing/ Incoming transfer, LCs/LGs/DCs are performed


Cheque book 

A chequebook is included in the package to serve your business needs








Packages Component

Enjoy the following FREE products & services:
current account –TradeNet subscription – cheque books
– POS terminal inaddition to discounts on other
selected products and services accroding to the
package; the client is eligible for

To enjoy the above packages, the client MUST be a subscriber
in the business basic package


Terms and conditions apply

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