Transportation Logistics

Gulf Warehousing Company (GWCS)

GWCS - In-Line 1Q2024; Lowering Estimates & Price Target; Maintaining Accumulate-24-04-2024
GWCS - 4Q2023 Earnings Miss On Logistics Weakness & G&A Stay Accumulate-24-01-2024
GWCS - In-Line 3Q2023 Earnings Despite Freight Forwarding Weakness; Accumulate-29-10-2023
GWCS Alert – Weaker-Than-Expected 2Q2023 Earnings But Thesis Remains Intact; Accumulate-26-07-2023
GWCS - Attractive Valuation But Needs A Catalyst Stay Accumulate-12-06-2023
GWCS Alert – Modestly Weaker-Than-Expected 1Q2023 On Lower Margins Accumulate-30-04-2023
GWCS Alert – In-Line 4Q/2022; Flat /In-Line DPS of QR0.10 (DY: 2.6%); Shifting to Accumulate & QR5.10 PT -25-01-2023
GWCS Alert – 3Q2022 Results Meet Expectations_Retain Outperform For Now-26-10-2022
GWCS - Stock Poised for Further Gains as 2H2022 Earnings Grow; Outperform-17-08-2022
GWCS Alert - 2Q2022 Results Meet Expectations; Maintain Outperform-27-07-2022
GWCS Alert - In-Line 1Q2022 Results; Maintain Outperform-27-04-2022
GWCS Alert - In-Line 2021 Results & DPS; Upgrade to Outperform-26-01-2022
GWCS Alert - In-Line 3Q2021; Maintain Market Perform-27-10-2021
Growth Set to Resume in 2022; Remain Market Perform-04-10-2021
GWCS Alert - 2Q2021 Earnings Dips Below Estimate; Remain Market Perform-28-07-2021
GWCS Alert - In-Line 1Q2021 Performance; Market Perform-28-04-2021
GWCS Alert - In Line 4Q & 2020 Earnings but 50% DPS Cut; Stay Market Perform-27-01-2021
GWCS Alert - Delivers 3Q2020 Earnings Upside; 2020 Estimates Remain Intact-21-10-2020
GWCS Alert - In-Line 2Q2020 Earnings; Maintain Market Perform-22-07-2020
GWCS Alert - In-Line 1Q2020 Earnings But Maintain Cautious Outlook; Market Perform-29-04-2020
GWCS Alert-Beats 4Q2019 Earnings Estimate; In-Line DPS; Maintain Market Perform-15-01-2020
GWCS Alert - Al Wukair Logistics Park Contract Could Add to LT Growth-09-12-2019
2020 Growth Uncertain; Shifting to MP with Unchanged QR5.1 Target-29-10-2019
GWCS Alert - In-Line 2Q2019 Results; Maintain Accumulate Rating-22-07-2019
GWCS Alert - Adjusting Price Target to Reflect 10 -for-1 Stock Split-07-07-2019
GWCS - Revising Estimates; Changing to Accumulate With Unchanged QR51 PT-29-01-2019
GWCS Alert–Decent Beat in 4Q2018 As Expected; Maintain Outperform-17-01-2019
GWCS Alert 4Q2018 Preview Expect a Solid Quarter With Modest Upside to Estimates-15-01-2019
GWCS-3Q2018 Results Pose No Surprises; Maintain Estimates and TP-23-10-2018
GWCS-In-Line 2Q2018 Maintain Estimates and Outperform-22-07-2018
GWCS-Solid Start to the Year Maintain Outperform-18-04-2018
GWCS-Updating Model Post 2017 Results Upgrade to Outperform-08-02-2018
GWCS Alert-InLine 2017 Results and Dividends-15-01-2018
GWCS Alert - 3Q2017 Net Income Comes in Line with Estimates Reiterate-22-10-2017
GWCS - 3Q2017 Preview; Lower #s TP; Maintain Accumulate Rating-08-10-2017
GWCS - In-Line 1Q2017; Maintaining Estimates-20-04-2017
GWCS - Qatar’s Logistics Pureplay; Maintain Accumulate Rating-19-02-2017
QNBFS Alert - GWCS Posts In-Line 2016 W Dividend Upside; Retain-08-01-2017
GWCS - Expecting 10% YoY Earnings Growth in 2016; Accumulate-05-01-2017
GWCS - In-Line 1Q2016; Moving to Market Perform With Unchanged PT-01-05-2016
GWCS - Raising PT to QR68; Maintain Accumulate Rating-31-03-2016
QNBFS Alert - GWCS FOL Hike to 49 percent Becomes effective; Accumulate-22-03-2016
GWCS - In-Line 4Q2015; Increase of FOL to 49% to Act as a Catalyst-24-01-2016
GWCS - Transferring Coverage & Introducing 1Q2015 Estimates-15-03-2015
GWCS - Inline 4Q2014 Results; Incorporating Rights Issue & Revising Target Price to QR64.00 from QR70.00-18-01-2015
GWCS - Bu-Sulba Provides Value Accretion; Maintain Outperform-15-12-2014
GWCS - 3Q2014 Results Review; Upgrading to Outperform-21-10-2014
QNBFS Alert - GWCS Posts In-Line 1Q2014 Results-17-04-2014
GWCS - Upgrading to Outperform-21-01-2014
QNBFS Alert - GWCS Reports In-line 4Q2013 Results-19-01-2014
QNBFS Alert - GWCS 3Q2013 Results-20-10-2013
QNBFS Alert - GWCS 2Q2013 Earnings Exceed Expectations-22-07-2013
QNBFS Alert GWCS 1Q2013 Results In line With Estimates-16-04-2013
Gulf Warehousing - 1Q2013 Results Inline-16-04-2013
Gulf Warehousing - 4Q2012 Results Revising Estimates-16-01-2013
Gulf Warehousing - 3Q2012 Results Revising Estimates-05-11-2012
Gulf Warehousing - Initiating Coverage with Market Perform-02-08-2012

Qatar Gas Transport Co. (QGTS)

QGTS - Announces 9-QC-Max LNG Vessel Deal As Expected; Raising Price Target-09-05-2024
QGTS - Beats 1Q2024 Earnings Estimate On Margin Upside Reiterate Outperform-29-04-2024
QGTS - NFE Contract Awarded Raising Target to QR5.10 and Upgrading to Outperform-11-02-2024
QGTS - In-Line 2023 Earnings Despite 4Q2023 Miss Still Awaiting NF Ship Awards-29-01-2024
QGTS - Staying The Course In Anticipation Of NF Ship Awards; Maintain Accumulate-19-12-2023
QGTS - Moderate 3Q2023 Beat On Top-Line and Margin Upside Still Awaiting NF Awards-16-10-2023
QGTS Alert – In-Line 2Q2023 Earnings As JV Income Offsets Depreciation; Stay Accumulate-03-08-2023
QGTS – Upping Forecasts Post 1Q2023; Accumulate In Anticipation of NF Ship Awards-23-05-2023
QGTS Alert – In-Line Operations With Lower Depreciation Leads To Modest 1Q2023 Beat Accumulate-17-04-2023
QGTS Alert – Operating and Dry-Docking Costs Lower 4Q2022 EPS In-Line DPS Awaiting Contract News-14-02-2023
QGTS Alert – 3Q2022 Earnings Exceed Estimate on Strength in JV Income Reiterate Accumulate-17-10-2022
QGTS - Tweaking Our Model As We Await News of North Field Ship Contracts; Stay Accumulate18-09-2022
QGTS Alert - 2Q2022 Operationally In-Line or Better But Modest Earnings Miss On Finance Charges; Accumulate-09-08-2022
QGTS - 2022 Could Be A Watershed Year As NFE Ship Contracts Loom; Accumulate-09-06-2022
QGTS Alert - 1Q2022 Earnings Beat Driven by JV Income Depreciation; Accumulate-18-04-2022
QGTS - Upcoming LNG Ship Owner Tender Decision Could Steer Growth; Raise TP-03-03-2022
QGTS Alert - In-Line 4Q2021 & FY2021 Results & QR0.12 DPS; Remain Outperform-07-02-2022
QGTS Alert - Beats 3Q2021 Earnings Estimate on Margins & JV Income Upside; Outperform-18-10-2021
QGTS - Smooth Sailing Ahead; Tweaking Estimates & Staying Outperform-19-08-2021
QGTS Alert - In-Line 2Q2021 Results; Remain Outperform with QR3.500 Price Target-13-07-2021
QGTS - In-Line 1Q2021 Maintains Strong Growth Trend; Retain Outperform-03-05-2021
QGTS Alert - In-Line 1Q2021 Results; Retain Outperform Rating and QR3.50 Price Target-19-04-2021
QGTS - Tweaking Estimates & Upping Price Target; Maintain Outperform-18-04-2021
QGTS Alert - 4Q2020 Earnings Miss on Lower JV Income; In-Line DPS of QR0.11; Outperform-08-02-2021
Full Steam Ahead; Raising Price Target Upgrading to Outperform-11-11-2020
QGTS Alert - 3Q2020 Earnings Beat on JV Income Resurgence and Lower Finance Costs; Accumulate-20-10-2020
QGTS Alert - In-Line 2Q2020 Results; Maintain Accumulate-16-07-2020
QGTS Alert - QP Signs Major LNG Shipbuilding Capacity Agreements; LT Positive For Nakilat-02-06-2020
QGTS Alert - 1Q2020 Results Benefit From Higher JV Income & Lower Costs; Stay Accumulate With QR2.60 PT-21-04-2020
QGTS Alert - 4Q2019 Results Generally In-Line With Our Estimates; Maintain Accumulate and QR2.60 PT-18-02-2020
Smooth Sailing Ahead; Upping Estimates, PT and Reiterating Accumulate-31-10-2019
QGTS Alert – 3Q2019 Results In-Line With Our Estimates; Maintain Accumulate & QR2.50 PT-21-10-2019
QGTS Alert - Acquires Remaining 49.9 percent Stake in 4 LNG Ships; Raising PT to QR2.50; Accumulate-08-10-2019
QGTS Alert - In-Line 2Q2019; Positive Momentum Continues; Stay Accumulat...-11-07-2019
QGTS-An In-Line 1Q2019; Maintain Estimates, Accumulate Rating & QR24 PT-22-04-2019
QGTS Alert - Adjusting Price Target to Reflect 10 -for-1 Stock Split-07-07-2019
QGTS-Upping Estimates Boosting Target Price to QR24; Reiterate Accumulate-31-03-2019
QGTS Alert-In-line 4Q2018 and 2018 Operating Results With Finance Charges Driving EPS Beat; Accumulate-18-02-2019
QGTS-4Q2018 Preview-Stable Trends Continue to Prevail; Accumulate-07-02-2019
QGTS-Revising Estimates on Higher Finance Charges; Moving to Accumulate-07-11-2018
QGTS Alert–3Q2018 Net Income Falls Short of Forecast; Maintain Outperform-29-10-2018
QGTS - Strong 2Q2018 Prompts Estimates Revision Retain Outperform-16-07-2018
QGTS - MSCI Outflow-Related Decline Presents Buying Opportunity; Outperform-03-06-2018
QGTS-1Q2018 Exceeds Estimates Maintain Outperform QR21 TP-29-04-2018
QGTS-Updating Model Post 2017 Upgrading to Outperform-13-03-2018
QGTS - Look Past the Leverage; Reiterate Accumulate-30-01-2018
QGTS Alert-LPG Ship Yard Causes 3Q17 NI Miss Stable Consistent LNG Accumulate-23-10-2017
QGTS - In-Line 1Q2017; Lowering Estimates and Price Target - 25 04 2017
QNBFS Alert - QGTS 4Q16 Miss Driven By Depr.; Operating Results in-Line; Accumulate - 21 02 2017
QGTS - Upping Price Target to QR28; Retain Accumulate Rating - 31 01 2017
QNBFS Alert - QGTS Posts In-Line 2Q16 - 14 07 2016
QGTS - In-line 1Q2016; Remain Accumulate - 20 04 2016
QGTS – 4Q2015 Miss on Higher Costs; Upgrading to Accumulate - 21 02 2016
QNBFS Alert – QGTS 2014 Results In-Line With Estimates - 19 02 2015
QGTS - A Play on Qatar’s LNG; Revising Estimates - 11 01 2015
QNBFS Alert – QGTS Beats 3Q2014 Estimate on Strong LPG Rates - 26 10 2014
QNBFS Alert – QGTS Posts Strong 2Q2014; Maintain Accumulate - 16 07 2014
QNBFS Alert – QGTS 2013 Operating Results In Line - 25 02 2014
QNBFS Alert QGTS - QGTS 3Q13 Results Show Sequential Growth - 07 10 2013
QNBFS Alert QGTS - 2Q2013 Results Fall Short of Estimates - 15 07 2013
QNBFS Alert QGTS - 1Q2013 Core Business Results In Line - 11 04 2013
QGTS - In Line 4Q2012 Core Profitability; Boosts Dividends - 13 03 2013
QGTS - Weak 3Q2012 Net Income; Lowering PT and Rating - 24 10 2012
QGTS - 2Q2012 Results Show Improvement - 19 07 2012
QGTS - Weak 1Q2012; Lowering Estimates & Target Price - 22 04 2012
QGTS - 2011 Results In Line with Our Estimates - 21 03 2012
QGTS - Initiation - 29 12 2011

Qatar Navigation (QNNS)

QNNS - Raising PT to QR13.30 & Keeping Outperform Given Nakilat's 9 QC-Max Win-09-05-2024
QNNS -In-Line 1Q2024 Earnings Buoyed By Offshore & Nakilat; Stay Outperform-01-05-2024
QNNS - Raising PT to QR13.10 and Upgrading to Outperform Given Nakilat's NFE Contract Win-11-02-2024
QNNS - 4Q2023 Misses Estimates But Thesis Still Intact Accumulate-06-02-2024
QNNS - Still Valued Less Than SOTP; Raising Price Target and Reiterating Accumulate-28-01-2024
QNNS Alert - Weak 3Q2023 On Soft Core Performance; Accumulate Given Compelling SOTP-19-10-2023
QNNS Alert - Tops 2Q2023 Earnings Forecast; Still Valued Less Than Sum-Of-Its-Parts
QNNS - Still Valued Less Than SOTP; Raising Price Target & Moving to Accumulate
QNNS Alert – Beats 1Q2023 Earnings Estimate On Strength in Offshore and Capital; Outperform-19-04-2023
QNNS Alert – Soft 4Q2022 on Impairments and Nakilat In-Line QR0.35 DPS Stay Outperform-16-02-2023
QNNS Alert - 3Q2022 Earnings Beat Estimates Excluding One-Off Impairment; Outperform-20-10-2022
QNNS Alert - 2Q2022 Earnings Beat On Strength Across Most Divisions; Outperform-11-08-2022
QNNS Alert - In-Line 1Q2022 Earnings on Broad-Based Strength Across Divisions; Outperform-20-04-2022
QNNS Alert - 4Q2021 Earnings Misses & DPS of 0.30 Below Estimate; LT Story Intact; Outperform-13-02-2022
QNNS Alert - 3Q2021 Earnings Exceeds Estimate; Reiterate Outperform-27-10-2021
Milaha (QNNS) - Trimming Estimates & Target Price Post 2Q2021 Results; Outperform-26-08-2021
QNNS Alert - 2Q2021 Earnings Misses but LT Story Intact; Outperform-25-07-2021
Milaha (QNNS) Initiation Report – Core Businesses Remain Free; Initiating Coverage with Outperform-30-06-2021
QNNS Alert - Adjusting Price Target to Reflect 10-for-1 Stock Split-07-07-2019

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