Supply Chain Finance

The effective management of Supply Chain Finance contributes in increasing revenues, cost control in addition to the optimal use of resources and assets aiming to achieve client satisfaction.

QNB AlAHLI being one of the leading banks in the Egyptian market, launched an innovative solution “Supply Chain Finance – B2B” program, with the aim to strengthen the ties between all the entities in the supply chain by presenting unique solutions that benefits all parties that are involved in the chain.

B2B Benefits for Merchants:

  • Cashflow enhancement
  • Increase sales and revenues
  • Cost reduction and optimum use of assets
  • Achieving corporate customer satisfaction
  • Increase the number of clients

Payment Acceptance Digital Solutions:

We are pleased to be the first bank in the Egyptian market to launch the Scan to Pay payment acceptance service using the QR Code to be as the best efficient payment method that can be used between merchants upon conducting their financial transaction and as part of the integrated solutions provided by our bank to serve supply chains.


This service aims to provide a quick, easy and secured tool for collections, that will enable suppliers to collect their dues electronically to avoid the traditional risk for cash collections and the working capital improvement for companies.


Financing solutions

We present you the best financing solutions and credit facilities packages that are designed to provide a real value to companies in the commercial supply chains to meet their various needs, helping them grow their business at competitive prices as well as easy and fast procedures

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To apply and inquire, e-mail us on B2B.SupplyChainFinance@QNBALAHLI.COM and a bank representative will contact you shortly

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