E-Youmaty Tawfeer Account

Save for your future,

Now, in few minutes you can easily open E—Youmaty Tawfeer saving account in EGP with a few simple steps through the Internet Banking Service


  • No opening fees and no service charges
  • Interest is calculated daily and paid on the 1st day of each month
  • Access your money 24/7 with QNB ALAHLI Visa debit cards
  • Receive a competitive rate on your money with the flexibility to access it too
  • Manage your account using any of QNB ALAHLI digital channels


  • Interest is calculated on the daily balance that exceeds the minimum opening balance and is credited each month
  • Tiered savings account in EGP
  • Open account through the Internet Banking Service with EGP


How to open E-Youmaty Tawfeer:

  • Select “Account” from the menu
  • Choose “Open Additional Account” from side menu
  • Select “E-Youmaty Tawfeer saving account”
  • Fulfill account opening balance, and target account balance “Target account balance is Optional”
  • Enter standing order details to credit the account “Optional”
  • Accept terms and conditions and press submit
  • The account has been opened successfully

General Conditions:

  • Minimum Age for account opening is 21 years
  • Minimum balance to enjoy interest is EGP 50,000
  • The account is opened through the Internet banking service only

Terms and conditions apply

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