Safe Deposit Boxes

Enjoy the comfort of knowing that your valuables are protected and kept private with QNB Safe Deposit Boxes. We offer you a safe place to keep the items that you simply cannot afford to lose, which might include deeds, birth certificates, rare family photos, passports, jewelry, insurance policies and anything that is worth something to you.


  •  We provide safe storage for all your valuables that need protection from theft, fire, tampering or any other cause
  •  All that is worth something to you is now in one secure and conveniently reachable place


  •  Available in three different sizes according to your preferred choice:

- Small

- Medium

- Large

  •  Safe deposit boxes are available in selected branches all over Egypt as follows:

Safe deposit boxes


Terms and conditions apply

To apply, e-mail us on Retail.apply@qnbalahli.com  and a bank representative will contact you shortly

For more information, please call 19700 or visit nearest branch

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