Tahya Misr CD

Participate in building a better future for Egypt and improve the community by issuing “Tahya Misr” CD from QNB ALAHLI. This certificate enables you to donate to "Tahya Misr Fund", either the CD interest only or the full CD amount along with the interest based on your preference.



  • The CD duration is 3 years 
  • Fixed competitive interest rate throughout the CD duration
  • Interest is paid on quarterly basis and is credited to “Tahya Misr Fund” account at QNB ALAHLI
  • The CD could be refunded after the first 6 months from issuance date according to published breaking schedule terms and conditions 

General Conditions:


  • CD is available in EGP only

  •  Available for individual and corporate clients

  • Certificate value starts from EGP1,000 and its multiples

Terms and conditions apply

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