Through a suite of innovative digital banking services & solutions, QNB promises an easy banking experience during FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™

Posted on : Mon, 28 Nov 2022


Mr. Adel Ali Al-Malki, General Manager QNB Group Retail Division

 “QNB has continually worked on strengthening its digital transformation and developed omnichannel services to meet and exceed the expectations and financial needs of its customers and visitors ahead of the much awaited world tournament. Visitors coming to Qatar during the FIFA World Cup, will have the opportunity to access a digital banking experience and a wide range of services carefully designed to help them enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity, with the highest security standards. We promise our customers and football fans a unique banking experience which reflects QNB’s legacy.


Digital transformation at the heart of QNB’s products and services

QNB Group continues to enhance its position as the bank of choice for customers in Qatar and the region by developing various contactless and digital payment form factors, which emerge as more popular alternatives to cash.

The Group believes that digital transformation is not a choice but a must and has therefore multiplied its efforts to adapt to change. 

Thanks to its visionary strategy, QNB Group strives to consolidate its market leading position in digital development. 

Furthermore, to celebrate the historic FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, QNB has launched exclusive digital products that make the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ even more exciting.

Uniquely designed banking solutions for football fans during FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™

Football will not be the only thing keeping fans entertained during the tournament, the QNB digital and contactless payment solutions will provide them with a once-in-a-lifetime banking experience!

Visitors will benefit from a wide range of the most advanced banking facilities and digital services during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, which will be played from 20 November to 18 December 2022.

QNB has been the industry leader in developing and implementing cutting edge payment technologies under the QNBpay umbrella, which  is customer focused, convenient and secure. QNB has significantly invested in technology, people and processes to bringing about global best practices to its payments front landscape. QNB customers have the widest array of payments form factor that cut across platforms, operating systems and payment schemes. The recent Covid-19 pandemic has acted as a catalyst in the rapid growth of contactless payments and the creation of a new digital payment era.

Our products & services include: 

  • QR Pay 

The new innovative QR Pay allows customers to make payments at merchant outlets by scanning the QR code from the POS screen by logging in to their QNB Mobile Banking app, selecting one of their cards to pay with  from the “Scan QR/QR Pay” menu and then scanning the QR code displayed on the merchant POS terminal screen. The service is simple. Customers simply need to have a smartphone (iOS/Android) registered for the QNB Mobile Banking app and the merchants need to have a QNB POS terminal enabled for the service.

  • Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay

Health and fitness enthusiasts and users of Fitbit and Garmin are able to provision their QNB payment cards onto their smart watches, allowing for payment using the latest authentication methods. The customer experience is simple and straight forward, from provisioning to payments. This safe and secure method of payment fundamentally changes the way customers transacts, as they simply and securely can make payments by tapping their smart watch at the POS terminal.

  • Apple Pay 

Apple Pay allows iOS users to digitize their QNB cards and pay at contactless terminals through seamless biometric authentication. Every transaction is therefore safe and secure, placing customer convenience and ease at its core. The adoption of this payment form factor has been very encouraging. 

QNB has also been leading from a merchant perspective. Online payment acceptance in Qatar provides an easy, secure and private way to pay. Users have the ability to use Apple Pay to make secure payments on websites and online stores that support Apple Pay, allowing merchants to increase their online sales. 

  • Google Pay 

Google Pay or GPay as it is widely known, allows Android device users to make payments using their Android devices, which includes phones, tablets and watches. QNB customers will have to simply open the Google Wallet app or download it from Google Play and follow the instructions to register their QNB cards.  This safe and secured service bundled with a simple registration process makes paying with GPay a seamless experience. 

  • Samsung Wallet

QNB recently launched Samsung Wallet to its customers enabling Samsung device holders to be able to transact using tokenized QNB cards with the highest security standards. Samsung Wallet comes with a financial organizer that allows cardholders to have a comprehensive view of their spending. The customer journey has been designed to make it seamless for the customers, from registration to payments. Early indicators shows that Samsung Wallet is fast gaining the desired momentum of adoption.    

  • QNB Virtual Prepaid Card

The QNB Visa Virtual Prepaid Card is the first of its kind in Qatar, aimed at both visitors and residents of Qatar. The application process is 100% online where users will have to simply download the QNB Virtual Card app, scan the passport or ID using their mobile, take a selfie and submit the application for immediate approval. Customers can load the card through a different payment instrument and transact using an easy, safe and rewarding experience. This product is also packed with many direct customer benefits. 

Self Service ATM Customer Experience

QNB advanced self-service ATM machines allows customers to manage their banking needs 24/7 and removes the need of visiting a branch.

  • The largest ATM network in the country

Our large network of ATMs provide easy access and convenience to customers during the World Cup anytime of the day.

Through QNB ATMs, customers can complete a wide range of transactions including accessing individual banking services (such as foreign currency withdrawal even when using a foreign card, card less cash withdrawals and deposits, cheque deposits and more) as well as value added services  such as bill payments and prepaid top-ups for services to Ooredoo and Vodafone mobile/landline numbers, and others.

  • Advanced contactless ATM services

QNB ATM-s can be accessed in several contactless ways: these include the use of an NFC card (even by non-QNB customers), by reading the QR code displayed on the ATM screen and authenticating with QNB Mobile Banking with ATM QR service, or by receiving cash from any QNB customer holding a Qatari mobile number with Mobile Cash service through QNB Mobile Banking.

  • Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) Banking

Our most advance ATMs (ITMs) allows customers to talk to a bank teller with a secure video call started through the machine and to conveniently conduct the same banking transactions as performed in a branch.

Payments Acceptance through Convenient Means

  • FacePay

QNB has launched a new biometric payment acceptance solution, based on proprietary facial recognition technology for its merchants in Qatar. As the FIFA World Cup 2022™ kicks off, QNB Group, together with its key partners, is helping merchants with outlets in Qatar to offer customers the simplicity, convenience and security of facial biometric payments. As a one-time sign-up, users will create their profile by taking a selfie of their face using their smartphone, before entering their phone number and card details. The technology then securely links the payment card with the facial biometric template. This setup will only takes a minute or two, after which it will simply take our customers a few seconds to make payments - without the need to carry the  physical card or mobile phone.

  • myPOS

QNB myPOS, a Tap on Phone payment acceptance solution has been launched to service micro and small businesses, allowing the business owners to accept payments for their products or services through a smart phone. It is a simple, convenient, and cost-effective digital payment technology that supports the needs of small merchants, where the technology solution transforms smart devices into payment acceptance devices. This new milestone   reflects the bank’s vision to promote an omnichannel environment through the development of innovative, affordable and convenient payment acceptance solutions.

Omnichannel Digital Banking Customer Experience

Within an omnichannel approach, QNB has developed a convenient and seamless customer experience to support customers’ needs, across Mobile, Internet, ATM, and SMS channels.

The bank has embraced the latest technology innovations to develop digital banking solutions set to improve customer experience and safety.

  • QNB Mobile and Internet Banking customers (as well as non-QNB customers) can avail a wide range of services, including ATM and Branch Locator (supported with route planner and Augmented Reality view), Chat with customer service agents, book an appointment as well as make wide variety of payments including fund transfers, Mobile Cash, Western Union and Paypal, bill payments and top-ups, cash advance and much more. 
  • ATM QR allows customers to access QNB ATM-s without  the need of a card by a secure contactless service through  logging in to QNB Mobile Banking and authenticating the ATM access by reading the QR code displayed on the ATM screen (under “QR Code” menu).
  • Mobile Cash service allows customers to send cash to any Qatari mobile number holder allowing them to withdraw cash at any QNB ATM without the need for a card. The service is available in QNB Mobile Banking under “Transfers/Mobile Cash” menu and under QNB SMS Banking.
  •  Global Account Access allows QNB customers to access all their international QNB accounts through QNB Mobile and Internet Banking by using the same username and conveniently make real time transfers amongst them, wherever they are, free of charge.
  •  Direct Transfers with block chain technology allows QNB customers to make close to real time transfers to Philippines, India, Turkey and Jordan through QNB Mobile and Internet Banking with the same fees as regular fund transfers.
  • QNB Chat WhatsApp application is one of the more popular and commonly used messaging services that people use in the world. QNB realized an opportunity to extend banking to a popular digital platform of choice for our customers, as part of responding to their needs. With options of self-service or explorations to save time for calling human agents for basic inquiries and with simple intuitive clicks, customers still have the option to contact an agent and complete their chatting journey safely and with pleasure. Whatsapp Chat is also integrated with QNB Mobile Banking, as well with an innovative Chatbot option, which allows customers to make authorized secure transactions on a convenient, innovative platform that is supported by a Bot agent.
  • QNBpay contactless payment solutions support customers to securely use touchless payment solutions without the presence of a physical card through QNB Mobile Banking with QR Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit and Garmin Pay, and through its own Wallet App.
  • QNBpay Wallet app supports Qatar Mobile Payments (QMP) system of Qatar Central Bank, which is the latest and most innovative entry in Qatar, the App allows customers and non-QNB customers (including visitors) to create a Wallet account and top-up then make contactless payments (with QR code) at merchants and money transfers. 
  • WeChat Pay, bringing the premier mobile payment solution in China, to retailers in Qatar, affirming its keenness to support retail sector clients wishing to attract Chinese customers. 

Used by more than 1.2 billion monthly worldwide, the WeChat Pay mobile payment solution constitutes an additional powerful tool for retailers wishing to attract – and win the loyalty of – Chinese consumers travelling abroad.

The partnership enables QNB’s merchant network in Qatar to cater to the Chinese customers by giving them the opportunity to make use of WeChat Pay as a safe and secure payment option and to go cashless.
With WeChat Pay, QNB is pursuing its policy of offering innovative payment acceptance options on the market targeting the international customers of its retail sector clients. This latest offering by QNB will also provide more benefit for local retailers targeting the travel and tourism industry.