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Policy stimulus to underpin moderate growth in China in 2024

Pessimism about China’s economic performance seems to be pervasive amongst investors, economists and analysts. This is well captured by the...

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Southeast-Asia adapts to the “next normal” in economic growth

In recent decades, Southeast Asia has been the most dynamic region in the world, showcasing the brightest economic growth performance....

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Limited downside for the EUR in 2024, despite Euro area sluggishness

The Euro (EUR) has experienced significant  volatility since the beginning of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict in late February 2022, when deeper...

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Global trade growth is set for a modest recovery in 2024

International trade is a direct reflection of the state of the global economy. Trade reveals the appetite for final goods...

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Will the US Federal Reserve “dovish” pivot hold?

The US Federal Reserve (Fed) is expected to keep its benchmark policy rate unchanged at its March and May 2024...

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