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The ECB is under pressure to restore policy credibility

There are few precedents to the magnitude, breadth and depth of the negative shocks currently facing the Euro area. On...

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Prices caps and windfall taxes won’t fix Europe’s broken energy market

European policymakers are facing an unprecedented constellation of shocks hitting the economy, including stagflation, the war in Ukraine and record-breaking...

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How much more tightening can the US Fed still do?

Every summer, the US Federal Reserve (Fed) organizes a coveted economic policy symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The event is...

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Are ASEAN economies resilient to global financial shocks?

With a strong economic recovery from the temporary collapse produced by different variants of the Covid-19 pandemic since Q4 2020,...

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Unpacking the strong USD

As the saying goes, the “USD is King.” This seems to be a particularly valid statement in recent months, as...

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