Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does QNB do?

Qatar National Bank (Q.P.S.C.) (‘QNB’ or ‘the Bank’) was incorporated in the State of Qatar on 6 June 1964 as a Joint Stock Company under Emiri Decree No. 7 issued in 1964.
The Bank together with its subsidiaries (together referred to as the ‘Group’) is engaged in commercial and Islamic and investment banking activities operating through its branches, associates and subsidiaries. 

Q. In which markets does QNB operate?

QNB Group, subsidiaries and associate companies operate in more than 31 countries around the world across 3 continents, through more than 1,100 locations, supported by more than 4,400 ATMs and employing more than 29,000 staff. 

Q. How long has the Bank existed?

QNB’s history dates back to 1964.

Q. How can I find more details about QNB and its Operations?

Please visit the latest annual report on the following link.

Q. How many customers does QNB have globally?

QNB is serving more than 21 million customers.

 Q. Which accounting principles does QNB group use?

International Financial Reporting Standards (‘IFRS’) and the applicable provisions of Qatar Central Bank (‘QCB’) regulations.
Details of the QNB Group’s latest accounting policies can found in Note 3 to the latest Audited Annual Financial Statements at the following link.

Q. What is QNB’s fiscal / accounting year?

QNB’s fiscal / accounting year ends with the calendar year, December 31st.
QNB publishes its financial results on quarterly basis, usually reported within 15 days of a quarter-end. Please check our financial calendar by following this link. 

Q. Who are QNB’s independent external auditors?


 Q. How can I get the latest news from QNB?

You can check this website for the latest news at the following link.

Q. Where do you publish the reporting dates?

Please check our IR calendar by following this link.

Q. Where can I get information on analysts’ views on QNB?

Please see the following link.

Q. How can we keep in contact with the IR team?

The QNB IR team is contactable by email ([email protected]).


Annual General Meeting and Dividends

Q. When is the date of the AGM?

Our AGM is usually held in the mid of the first quarter of the year. Please check our financial calendar by following this link.

Q. How and where can we receive dividend payments?

You can refer to any QNB branch by presenting ID or authorized stamped letter for companies.

Q. How and where can we register to attend the AGM?

The date and venue are announced in the newspapers, as well as, the invitations sent by mail.
Registration takes place an hour before the AGM at the Venue. Shareholders need to present their ID and invitation. Representatives may attend with a proxy form and their ID.

Q. Who can attend the Meeting?

Shareholders eligible for the dividend at the set closing date can attend the meeting.

Q. How can I share my voting rights without attending the AGM?

Through a proxy form or a letter authorizing proxy representation stating the details and ID copy of the appointed.

Q. To whom can I address questions regarding the proxies?

You can contact Shareholders service center  (+974 4425 2444 / [email protected]).

Q. In what language is the AGM?


Q. How can I get a copy of the Annual Report? And where can I find historical QNB’s Financial information?

You can view and download the latest Annual Report and QNB financial reports from the Investor Relations section of the QNB website. For details kindly refer to the following link.

Q. What is QNB’s ticker symbol and which exchange does it trade on?

QNB’s ticker symbol is “QNBK” and its shares are listed on the Qatar Exchange.

Q. How many shares does QNB have listed?

923.6 million

Q. What is the record date for receiving dividend?

End of  business day prior the GAM.

Q. Who should I contact if I do not receive my dividend payments?

For dividend payments you should contact any QNB branch in Qatar and / or Shareholders service center (+974 4425 2444 / [email protected]).

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