Our Corporate e-Channel solutions

Remote channel management has become a crucial component in the drive for improved efficiency. QNB’s channel management solutions provide transaction initiation and information delivery through various user-friendly channels for a seamless and flexible interaction between our customers and the Bank.

e-Business - Our Corporate Cash Management Portal, our proprietary on-line internet banking solution

Our proprietary e-Business is a robust and secure Internet- based corporate cash management platform designed to support our customers' day-to-day banking activities online 24x7. Via the same channel and single window access, customers can also perform the required business activities on their overseas accounts held with QNB branches.  Our platform has the following key features:

  • Easy navigation with a dynamic and customizable flexible menu structure
  • Real-time balance reporting and transaction inquiries
  • Option to download online statements in various file formats
  • Electronic payment advice
  • Secure bulk payment file upload (domestic and international payments)
  • Payment file upload support

SWIFT MACUG and SCORE Services – SWIFT Message Processing

SWIFT is a single, secure communication channel used by more than 10,000 banking organizations, corporations and others to exchange millions of standardised financial messages on a daily basis. Industrial strength, built for security and resilience, and offering connectivity and a standard messaging “language”, SWIFT reaches virtually all major global financial institutions consistently, securely, and reliably.

The SWIFT for Corporates initiative was first introduced in 1999 in limited form. SCORE, the most recent (and most convenient and capable) form of membership, was introduced to the market in January 2007. As a member of SWIFT, QNB was, and remains, a leading proponent of the SWIFT for Corporates initiative in the Middle East, believing that both corporations and banks can benefit greatly from this tool. Since its inception, QNB has been deeply involved in the implementation of the SWIFT for Corporates solution. Much like their global banking networks, corporations have similar requirements for secure, resilient, and standardised message delivery. We actively engage with our clients to better understand how SWIFT for Corporates can be utilized to increase their efficiency and establish an effective Treasury Management operation.

Key Benefits and Functions:

  • Corporate SWIFT codes
  • Straight-through processing enabler
  • Faster processing and payment cycles
  • Reduced operational cost and risk
  • Reduced support and administration costs
  • Helps achieve resiliency and high availability
  • Increased security and non-repudiation
  • Reduced transaction costs for single and bulk payments
  • Same bank agnostic connectivity platform can be used for communicating with any other bank

e-Statements and e-Advice

We offer account statements and advice transmitted electronically via secured email.

QNB’s Global Cash Management specialists are always keen on discussing all available options with our clients in great detail and providing efficient solutions to address their cash management needs.

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