Did you pay yourself this month?

Did you pay yourself this month?

Start putting yourself first.

With QNB, you’ll learn how putting a little bit of money aside each month can add up to a handsome sum in no time.

Are you struggling to save up for a vacation, a new laptop or cell phone - or maybe want to put some money aside for the future, but are not able to?

The golden rule of saving money is to pay yourself first. Get in the habit of setting money aside from every paycheck. It's easier if you think of it as something you have to do, just like paying your mobile bill or rent.

A simple way to pay yourself is by transferring funds between your current and savings account. Figure out the amount you want to save, and how often you want to transfer the money - once a week, every two weeks, once a month, or whatever suits you.                     

If you’re a QNB customer, you can set up your transfers with QNB Internet and Mobile Banking. By regularly paying yourself first – even if it's a small amount each time – you'll reach your goals for saving faster than you think!

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