Investor Advantage

Achieve your objectives with a highly customized investment plan.

Investor Advantage is a tailor-made plan that combines various strategies for short-term investments and long-term returns, offering you the chance to reach your saving objectives through fundamental investment schemes.

Key Benefits

Short-term contributions for long-term goals. Choose between 12, 24, 36 or 48 months and stay invested in a selection of funds for long-term growth.

Grow your investment portfolio: One platform with access to 150+ direct funds, as well as Multi-Asset Funds managed by Legg Mason.

Flexibility at every turn: Adjust your fund strategy whenever you wish, withdraw part of the account value to cover an immediate need, or increase your contributions when you have some extra funds. Flexible options available for every need.

Ability to increase plan contributions up to 10 times of the annual premium selected at the outset.

Flexible payout options: Receive a lump sum payout and/or lifelong income (Annuity).

Potential investment plan Customize based on your risk appetite in order to reach desired saving goals.

Access to myMetLife online portal: Monitor fund performance and access the policy anytime via the myMetLife mobile app or website.

Plan Details



Contribution Period

12, 24, 36 or 48 months

Payment Modes

Monthly or annually



Investment Portfolio Options

Conservative, balanced or aggressive


Age 95

Death Benefit

101% of account value

Payout Option

Lump sum or annuity

Partial Withdrawals

4 free and 2 charged partial withdrawals per year (subject to maximum withdrawal limit)

Fund Switching

Unlimited and free

Payment Terms

Payment Term

Minimum Premium

12 months

USD 30,000

24 months

USD 15,000

36 months

USD 12,000

48 months

USD 12,000


This product is marketed and distributed by QNB (Bancassurance) on behalf of American Life Insurance Company (MetLife), Product T&C’s Applied - This insurance policy is underwritten by MetLife and subject to the terms and conditions of the policy contract issued by MetLife)

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