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QNB offers you a complete and comprehensive variety of tailored home loan solutions to suit your taste and budget. We offer simple and convenient access to the finest range of finance options to help build your dream house.
If you’re  salaried or self-employed, you can benefit from our high loan amounts, competitive interest rates, a wide network of approved developments, and a quick approval process.



Qatari Nationals


Minimum Income

QR 2,000

QR 15,000

Minimum Age

18 Years

21 Years

Maximum Age (at maturity of the loan)

70 Years

60 Years

Benefits and Features

Construction Finance
Our unique Construction Finance offering caters to Qatari nationals who wish to construct a residential property on land owned by them. The key benefit of this offering is that the finance amount is paid in several tranches during the construction phases.
Key Features 
  • Higher loan amount up to QR6 million
  • Loan tenure of up to 20 years
  • Attractive interest rate options
  • Available to Qatari nationals only
  • Simple documentation and quick processing
  • Financing salaried or self-employed Individuals
Ready Property Finance
QNB home loans offer you the flexibility of choosing a completed property from either the primary (direct from the developer) or secondary (resale) market, with the advantage of financing your dream home from our wide network of approved development projects.
Key Features
  • High loan amounts of up to QAR 4 million per property
  • Loan tenure up to 20 years
  • Attractive Interest rate options
  • For Qatari nationals and resident expatriates (salaried and self-employed)
  • Wide network of approved developments to choose from
  • Simple documentation and quick processing

Interest Rate







Retail Plus



QNB First*



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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Apply
You can apply via an email with your personal details (nationality, employer, phone number, email), visit our branches or Mortgage Center in Lagoona Mall, or contact our Customer Care Center on 4440 7777.
Who can apply for a Mortgage Loan?
Qatari nationals & expatriates.
What’s the min/maximum age for Qatari nationals to apply for a Mortgage Loan?
From 18 to 70 at maturity of the loan.
What’s the minimum/maximum age for an expat to apply for a Mortgage Loan?
From 21 to 60 at maturity of the loan.
What is the maximum loan amount permissible per individual, excluding interest?
Loan limit is QR4,000,000 for Qatari nationals and QR3,000,000 for expats.
What’s the maximum loan tenure?
Loan tenure is from 180 to 240 months for Qatari nationals, depending on whether they are salaried or self-employed. Tenure for expats is from 180  to 240 months, also depending on whether they are salaried or self-employed.
What’s the maximum exposure per individual customer?           
For Qatari nationals, it’s QR12.5m (principal amount + current liabilities inside and outside QNB). For expats, it’s QR3m (principal amount + current liabilities inside and outside QNB).
How long does it take to process a Mortgage Loan application?
The process takes seven working days subject to submission of all required documents.
How is the Mortgage Loan evaluated?
Your application will be evaluated according to your income stream, employment history and stability, your ability to meet current obligations as well as new ones (credit bureau report), the value of the property being purchased, and your assets to assess your ability to meet your down payment.
What is a pre-approval?
A pre-approval would help you determine your eligibility for a Mortgage Loan before you decided to finalize a property purchase.
Is insurance required?
Yes, both life insurance and property insurance are mandatory before disbursing the loan. The property insurance premium is calculated according to the cost of the property and is available only through SEIB insurance company (Qatar branch). The amount of the insurance premium will be debited from your account prior to the final disbursal and each year thereafter. A property insurance certificate will be delivered to you by the insurance company. Life insurance is also mandatory from Qatar Insurance Company (QIC) with the insurance premium already added to the EMI.
What are the required documents for a Mortgage Loan?
For Salaried Employees:
  • Application form
  • Original QID (Qatari ID)
  • Original Passport with valid visa (for expats)
  • Salary certificate addressed to QNB
  • Original bank statements for the last six months (if salary is transferred to another bank)
  • Liability letter addressed to QNB (if loan is transferred from another bank)
  • Photocopy of signed Purchase Contract
For Self-employed:
  • Application form
  • Passport copy with valid visa (for expats)
  • Personal bank statements for the last six months
    Business bank statements for the Last 12 months
  • Liability letter addressed to QNB (if loan is transferred from another bank)
  • Audited financial statements for the last 2 years (if available)
  • Trade license copy
  • Copy of Commercial Registration
  • Governmental or private rental contract (if rental income is considered)
  • Photocopy of signed Purchase Contract
Is it mandatory to transfer my salary to QNB?
Yes. Your salary has to be transferred to QNB (for salaried segment).
How is the approval communicated?
Once your loan is approved, workflow will send you an SMS notification with the status of the loan and our Relationship Officer at the Mortgage Loan Center will contact you for the offer letter, which will be provided upon approval. You will need to complete the formalities within 30 days of issuance. The offer letter is valid for a period of 60 days to allow you to complete the formalities.

General Definitions:

Loan-To-Value Ratio (LTV): The relationship between the amount of the Mortgage Loan and the appraised value of the property expressed as a percentage. A LTV ratio of 70 means that a borrower is borrowing 70% of the value of the property and paying 30% as a down- payment. For purchases, the value of the property is assumed to be the purchase price, and for refinances the value is determined by an appraisal.
Down-Payment: Money paid by a buyer from his own funds, as opposed to that portion of the purchase price which is financed.

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