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QNB ALAHLI’s Chief Executive Officer Statement


QNB ALAHLI achieved strong financial performance and unprecedented indicators towards a stronger and faster growth during year 2021

“QNB ALAHLI achieved high growth rates, remarkable indicators and tangible results in all of its sectors. These figures and records make us proud of our strength and the leading position we hold in the banking sector.”


The pandemic has disrupted lives across all countries and communities and negatively affected global economic growth in 2020. However, year 2021 marked a stronger beginning and a better economic growth. This was due to the vaccination race lead by major countries to provide vaccines to the developing ones. As the global economy is still recovering on all levels, it is expected that the return to pre-covid normal conditions will lead to a more sustainable and inclusive economy for all sectors of the society. Economic recovery insights are promising mainly due to the vaccination programs and the exceptional measures that the countries and markets are implementing to support business and investment ecosystem.

QNB ALAHLI took several fast measures and policies that were efficient and flexible to develop its operations, overcome crises, address strong competition in the markets and take advantage of the opportunities available. These decisions were not by coincidence or luck. They were developed in line with the powerful vision and strategy of QNB Group that anticipated and addressed future needs and developed emergency solutions allowing us to seamlessly achieve our goals in the Egyptian market.

What QNB ALAHLI achieved during last year is a real success in the banking sector, given the circumstances enforced by the pandemic, which affected many financial institutions locally and globally.

Only few were able to survive the repercussions and move forward without looking back.
These entities reached top ranks during such conditions. Among these, was QNB ALAHLI that achieved high growth rates, remarkable indicators and tangible results in all of its sectors. Such figures and records make us proud of our strength in continuing our leading path of success.


2021: A Major Milestone in the Bank’s History

From the beginning of 2021, QNB ALAHLI set a number of goals to achieve, the most important was to grow in all sectors that demonstrate its strength and positioning in the market, especially at the level of large-scale portfolios, small, medium and micro enterprises’ and the retail portfolio. In addition, we planned to achieve high profit rates befitting its long-standing position. The Board of Directors placed the clients’ satisfaction on top of its priority list; ensuring the fulfillment of their wishes in a professional and advanced manner. We focused on increasing the deposit portfolio and utilizing a large percentage in the lending portfolio to be one of the leading banks in implementing that policy. Financial inclusion and digital transformation were not far from the consideration of the Board of Directors. We took a number of decisions to implement these plans such as opening free accounts for customers to support financial inclusion, providing digital services and products to facilitate customers’ banking operations. QNB ALAHLI was engaged in the Central Bank of Egypt initiatives that support digital transformation such as activating electronic payments, increasing POS and ATM machines, and many other initiatives.


Towards a Stronger & Faster Growth

QNB ALAHLI achieved strong financial performance and unprecedented indicators during 2021 in all of its sectors. We maintained efficiency rates and risk ratios in line with our growth strategy, and delivered on the promised business sustainability and customer satisfaction KPIs. In 2021, The bank consolidated net profit exceeded EGP 7.6 billion with a 2% growth rate compared to the same period in 2020, with a net profit on standalone basis, exceeding EGP 7.4 billion by the end of December 2021.

QNB ALAHLI continued its success in the SME’s sector in line with the Central Bank of Egypt ambitious plan of urging all banks to grant small companies 25% of their total banking portfolio and 10% of their facilities.

QNB ALAHLI managed to achieve these percentages one year before the Central Bank of Egypt’s target date. As such, we continue to lead the banking sector in supporting the growth of the Egyptian economy.

The gross consolidated loans portfolio recorded EGP 183 billion, with a growth rate of 6% during 2021 in comparison with 2020, while the bank’s market share of total loans reached 5.96% at the end of 2021.

The ratio of non-performing loans reached about 3.81% by the end of 2021, which is one of the best ratios in the banking sector, while the provision coverage ratio for substandard loans amounted to 143%, and the capital adequacy ratio reached 21.6% in light of the optimal application of credit policies.

The consolidated customer deposits portfolio increased and amounted to EGP 295 billion by the end of 2021, achieving a growth rate of 27% - compared to 2020 - driven by growth in all activities. The bank’s market share of total deposits reached 4.59% in 2021.

The loans to deposits ratio exceeded 62% by the end of 2021, compared to an average of 48% within the banking sector, which is a high rate for deposits, in light of the focus on the growth of basic banking operations while maintaining high liquidity ratios in all currencies, while the total combined assets amounted to EGP 360 billion by the end of 2021 with an increase of 24% compared to the year 2020.


Extended & Influential Partnerships

During the past year, we succeeded in expanding QNB ALAHLI’s circle of stakeholders and partners by activating and signing extended and influential partnerships in many important sectors that contributed to the bank’s records and added to the economy’s value and growth. These partnerships, in addition to the bank’s tools, provided all needed funds for large, small and medium-sized companies which goes in line with the Central Bank of Egypt initiative. It also enabled the bank to participate in most syndicated loans in the market to finance major projects.

QNB ALAHLI has been commissioned to manage a number of loans in order to finance local, multinational and governmental companies. These projects were successfully and timely managed in various business sectors such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, communications, infrastructure, energy, construction and building materials, and others.

QNB ALAHLI is keen to participate in all initiatives, launched and directed by the Central Bank of Egypt that support the digital economy, including SME’s initiative, mortgage finance initiatives with a return of 8% for middle income and 3% for middle and low income, as well as supporting the agriculture, tourism, industrial and contracting sectors.

QNB ALAHLI also participated in “Haya Karima”, one of the most important national initiatives during the last period by building important projects in Qena and Assiut governorates.

In addition, the bank supported financial inclusion and digital transformation initiatives through several projects that were successfully achieved its purpose by activating digital payments, launching more ATMs and electronic POS machines for merchants.

Despite these achievements, social responsibility was never absent from the bank’s agenda. The bank was keen to participate in several projects within the scope of community services and social welfare such as renovating schools - and several more to come in Upper Egypt in cooperation with Misr El-Khair Foundation.

In the health sector, the bank funded medical convoys for many villages, such as Al-Marashda in Qena. These convoys included diagnostic tools and medications to patients. Moreover, the bank is currently signing a MOU with Al-Haya Hospital in Al-Manashy village, Assiut, where we will be providing the necessary equipment to develop and operate a number of infant incubators. This project is on progress in collaboration with Misr El-Kheir. It is worth mentioning that Al-Haya hospital (serves 400 thousand citizens) residing in the cities of Dayrut and Al-Qusiya. For people with special needs in Al-Minya Governorate, QNB ALAHLI also partnered with Misr El-Khair and Al-Orman Association to develop many villages by providing clean water, sanitation, concrete roofing, in addition to equipping homes with living necessities.

“During the past year, we succeeded in expanding QNB ALAHLI’s circle of stakeholders and partners by activating & signing extended and influential partnerships”


In the sports sector, and in light of the African Cup of Nations 2022, QNB ALAHLI received the Afcon trophy, at its headquarters in Cairo, in an event that was memorable to all our employees. This was organized in cooperation with Visa. The presence of the “Total Energy Africa Cup of Nations” was a unique experience that confirms the strong relationship and trust between Visa and QNB ALAHLI.


Innovative Services & Products

The bank focused on creating number of advanced digital products and services to attract new customers and fulfill the aspirations of current ones. This includes but not limited to launching commercial payments services, for B2B companies, to conduct their transactions through Visa mobile payment services using QR codes, positioning us as the first bank in the Middle East to launch digital corporate payments which exceeded EGP 5 billion in 2021. In addition, the number of payment cards exceeded one and a half million, placing QNB ALAHLI among the leading private banks in Egypt that reached such achievement. The variety of payment options we offer - from credit, debit cards and prepaid ones - mirrors the customers’ confidence in the quality of seamless services and products that meet all their needs and requirements.

The bank also launched “VISA Signature” credit card, which allows our senior customers a package of services and benefits that suit their lifestyle and facilitates their daily financial transactions, in addition to the prepaid contactless electronic payment bracelet, which is the latest in electronic payment methods.

QNB ALAHLI intends to expand electronic services and applications such as mobile, internet banking and smart wallets, while adopting plans to provide innovative digital solutions in line with the Central Bank of Egypt’s plans.


Cybersecurity, Financial Inclusion & Digital Transformation

QNB ALAHLI supports all efforts within the Egyptian banking market, the most important of which is providing banking services to all individuals and integrating them into the formal economy and ecosystem. In its digital offerings, the bank complies with the highest standards of security and protection against all forms of fraud and cyber-attacks. Relying on a technological infrastructure and global smart systems, QNB ALAHLI is committed to protect all its customers with a clear vision for achieving economic growth and building a better society.


Future Vision & Expansion Plans

As we celebrate our success in 2021, we’re looking forward to future accomplishments in 2022. What we reached is a step among many that we are working on for the coming period. The most important of which is to develop QNB ALAHLI’s services in all our branches across the country. Our vision relies on our sustainability programs that are in line with the United Nations SDGs, the international and national commitments, and our continued leadership in environmental and corporate governance.

In addition to increasing the number of ATMs, we are working on providing innovative digital products for individuals and companies equipped with the latest in banking systems and practices that meet their needs. These products will provide seamless and convenient services to our customers and support in including individuals outside the formal financial ecosystem.


Code of Ethics

QNB ALAHLI is committed to the highest standards of professionalism, transparency and integrity. We are keen to implement ethical standards that cater for the long-term value and trust of our customers, shareholders, employees and the community through our experienced and qualified employees. Our focus is set on implementing effective and dynamic compliance measures and best practices across our operations to reduce the risk of non-compliance and ensure that all practices, activities and employees work within the regulatory framework of the bank’s policies and procedures. We aim to maximize QNB ALAHLI’s value and maintain the confidence of our investors, customers, and employees, by protecting the rights of all stakeholders.


Gratitude & Appreciation

What was achieved in 2021, could not have happened without the Board of Directors’ efforts in setting unique plans, defining the desired goals and translating them on the ground through the bank’s employees, who represent a trusted partner and true pillar in achieving our aspirations and successes. I want to seize the opportunity to express my extended gratitude and deep appreciation for what they have achieved during the past year. We expect to accomplish more during the current year 2022 in a dynamic, skilled and innovative way so that our institution remains at the top of the Egyptian banking sector.


“As we celebrate our success in 2021, we’re looking forward to future accomplishments in 2022. What we reached is a step among many that we are working on for the coming period.”



As a culmination of the bank’s successes and achievements during 2021, QNB ALAHLI received several regional and international awards from renowned financial institutions and specialized magazines, as a gesture of appreciation to the bank’s efforts and endeavors. With over fifteen prestigious awards, our pioneering role in the banking arena could not become more evident.

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