The bank has established various subsidiaries in specialized fields that will position QNB ALAHLI as a major financial institution. The creation of these subsidiaries further demonstrates the commitment of QNB Group towards the Egyptian society.


QNB ALAHLI Leasing Company established in 1997

QNB ALAHLI Leasing Company is the first incorporated Egyptian leasing company to provide leasing services to Egyptian companies. It is the market leader with around 2 billion book value assets leased


QNB ALAHLI Life Insurance Company established in 2003

QNB ALAHLI Life Insurance Company s a subsidiary of QNB ALAHLI. The company has developed a large range of products meeting main customer needs in saving and planning ( AlRafiq Graduation, AlRafiq Wedding, AlRafiq Retirement, AlRafiq Project)& El Nokhba saving program . In addition, the protection policies for both individuals and corporate staff. Licensed by EISA, the company is among the few players in Egypt combining local roots with international standards


QNB ALAHLI Factoring Company established in 2012

QNB ALAHLI Factoring Company is a subsidiary of QNB ALAHLI that began its activity on 2012. It is a financial institution specializing in all kinds of factoring activities by offering factoring services both locally and internationally. QNB ALAHLI Factoring enjoys all the means, competencies and rapid business solutions of factoring to meet the needs of customers, mainly in the order of financial & commercial operations and micro-niche. This is attributed to its broad spectrum of the Egyptian and the global market, as well as, its international network expertise.

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