Vehicle Lease

Want to avoid the financial burden of buying a car? You can always lease!

With our "Motary" program, you can now drive the car of your dreams for much less.

Lease your car from 1 to 4 years with the option to keep or return it. Plus, your monthly payment includes comprehensive insurance and factory maintenance for the full term.


  • Salary certificate
  • Vehicle quotation from an approved car dealer
  • Valid QID
  • Original valid passport (expatriates)


  • Up to 40% lower monthly payments compared to conventional loan or rental.
  • Drive car of choice without long term commitment and expense of ownership.
  • Ability to upgrade cars without burden of large down payment.
  • No need to worry about selling or settling an outstanding loan.
  • Predictable vehicle operating cost (First year registration and insurance may be included in monthly payments).
  • Ideal for customers employed under fixed term contracts.
  • Comprehensive Insurance with agency repair during lease period.
  • 100% financing (no down payment).
  • Return the car to the dealer.
  • Return the car and upgrade to a better model.
  • Buy / Finance the car at end of lease.
  • Take a vehicle loan if you want to keep the car for more than 4 years.

Interest Rate

Interest Rate starting form 3.75% APR equivalent to 2.01% Flat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Apply
Visit our branches or apply directly through our Sales Team.


Should expat customers make the minimum down-payment of 20%?

No. They don’t have to make a down payment.


Can customers get more than one vehicle lease?
Yes. They can.

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